edinburgh, london, hong kong and glasgow december 2012

In the Broadway Cinematique at Yau Ma Tai some kind of cork reindeer possibly of Miyazake-esk origin.
Percival David collection of Chinese ceramics at the British Museum. Amazingly modern looking but actually mostly seventeenth century vases and bowls.
Same Chinese origin but distinctly twenty-first century style decoration, like a decal but hand-painted.
Modern forms bringing to mind Lucie Rie modernity.
Water colour illustrated catalogue from same era and context.
Trafalgar Square sunset with ubiquitous pigeon.
Edinburgh modernist concrete facade, building for renovation or destruction?
Paul Scott ceramics at the Scottish Gallery – clever and inspirational – if only I had three thousand pounds to buy the Ai Weiwei one to bring back to Beijing!
Ai Weiwei throwing an ancient Chinese vase [borrowed from the British Museum possibly?] off a bridge with oversized sunflower seeds in the foreground.
Groovy textile in Glasgow, sadly not for sale.
Tiled coffee table only twenty pounds but how to carry on to the plane?…sadly, so sadly had to leave ot behind.
Ceramic lamp base, I could have fitted it in my hand luggage [maybe not as its already full up with volcanic German vases] but sadly [again] way too heavy!






























































































































































































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