transformed by rain

“But the downpour did not abate, despite every morbid bid for atonement. The air hung heavy, reboant with spent oblations and worming acts of contrition, all tossed back by the rumbling nimbus, like undersized fish.

And all the time the rain still fell, spreading puddles into each other to form pools so dark – even in the half-light of the new day – that they looked like pockets of ink…”

Not quite as bad as Nick Cave’s And the Ass saw the Angel suggests but the rain did seem to be going on for a long time. Personally I enjoy the rain as it keeps the people away, when I walk up the hill it’s usually just the insects and me, however, now as spring heads into summer the mosquitoes are out in force and they are HUNGRY.

The drainage culverts are transformed by the rain into potentially lethal torrents of water and the concrete is softened by the sudden appearance of waterfalls tumbling down the hill. Now is the time to shelter in a citronella cloud and contemplate Microcosmos’ alternative view of the evil little critter that bites…

rain 4 rain 3

HK rain 1

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