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december 2december 1Trying out 2d pieces in an attempt to see what’s possible but fear that framing will make them too expensive to produce for sale. The usual slight frustration that “visual objects that hang on the wall” have more value than pots with as much or more work needed to produce them. This may be a mug’s game [pun intended]. Anyway here they are…whether they’ve survived the biscuit firing I’ll find out today…

Yinka Shonibare arrived in Hong Kong for his first solo show here at Pearl Lam gallery. I have loved his work for a long time and I know that he does receive some disparagement along the lines of Antony Gormley’s similarly reviled accessibility to the masses [so kitsch!] but those fabrics are just amazing and the concepts have so much post-colonial, post-modern, post-industrial relevance to Hong Kong and the rest of the planet today.

Earlier work as HK international art fair
Earlier work shown in Hong Kong

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