blue wall

Hong Kong’s pierced concrete patterns merge with surface designs from 1970s’ tableware in many of the pieces I made whilst living there – not always an easy fit. Now I live in Beijing and vintage elements can be spotted around the city.

Denby jug and linocuts
Denby jug linocuts


Here’s a favourite Hong Kong building – a church in Garden Road – quite hard to photograph  on a busy uphill dual carriageway.

According to Jonathan Adler, “the reckless disregard for convention…is completely liberating…When I’m feeling restricted by pottery dogma…I think of the organic, rule-breaking forms…and I feel inspired.”

Garden Road church
Garden Road church

Some baby blue concrete in Beijing.

this is the garden wall of the embassy of Somalia here in Beijing's diplomatic quarter
this is the garden wall of the embassy of Somalia here in Beijing’s diplomatic quarter


Cylindrical earthenware vessel with pierced holes, scraffito, stencilled coloured slip and copper and cobalt oxide.

scraffito, pierced holes
scraffito, pierced holes

Beijing street cat, this one’s pretty cool!

cat eyes



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