xmas in hyndland

whilst matt cooked the dinner my mum and I spent xmas day sewing napkins and tablecloth out of oxfam curtains and decorating the cake with another charity shop find [ribbon], on a plate from relics, recycling magic…


the meal was yummy and all the more enjoyable after our hard work



I discovered what I already suspected that cake decorating is much harder than it looks and that gold leaf is almost impossible to control

inspired by cressida bell’s cake design I persisted, “when I was little there was a plate at my grandparents’ house, Charleston , which we children fought over. I don’t remember it clearly except that it was turquoise, orange and black with cross-hatching and flowers…”



the tree


some kitsch tableaux, also charity shop finery




One thought on “xmas in hyndland

  1. A very vintage Christmas !- more treasures in charity shops in Scotland than deepest Devon!
    Happy new year to you all x

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